The world becomes increasingly homogenized with information networks and the connection with a quantified economy is getting stronger. The world is about to be covered by a single system.

That is, we are walking on the road to a depersonalized bureaucracy while losing local culture and tradition.  Even the artistic spirit is taking this transitional process on its way towards the contexts of contemporary art.

Obviously there has been an increasing number of similar art works and urban landscapes in developed countries.  It is because the environment including spiritual matters and physical objects has changed to a stereotypical form by an insatiable desire on improving mechanization for a life of affluence.

Cave Contemporary focuses on not the local backlash but adversarial quality and corporeity. We are digging an experimental cave searching for a new relationship amongst flesh, mind and environment.

Small groups of mankind in the several tens of thousands of years of human history created the oldest form of art ‘Cave Painting’ deep in caverns. However, Art now has a predilection of commercialism by the highly purposeful principle of a market place born in a rapidly coming togetherness of our daily lives and Art. Existence, like cave art stays in obscurity, ignored by most people who govern their life rhythm in a landfill reality.

In spite of it, when we meet something unfathomable, perception of our body and mind always experience a transformation.  It can be said that the long history of art addressed by humans would be an embodiment of circumstance which are not able to be explained logically nor measured.

Facing toward art is to search for the cape of transformation and to reconsider, excavate and cultivate a half-remembered region.  ‘Cave Contemporary’ was born as a new scene in order to call back the wisdom that comes from asynchronously-generated passions of our body and mind, which is a complete opposite of the landfill of an avarice machine in modern society.